Pay your debt

Technical debt is toxic.

Everytime you have to make a decision to either add more debt or not, stop and think. Taking on debt, technical or otherwise, is a big decision (or at least, it should be) and it should not be taken lightly.

Technical debt is not a student loan where the interest rate is negligible.
  • It's high interest.

  • It costs in time, money and developer morale.

  • As new developers start and old ones leave, the interest quadruples as knowledge is lost.
Technical debt is not a mortgage where you'll pay it off in equal chunks over a long period.
  • You'll forget about it... until they take your house.

  • Unless it's critical, it will be forgotten about.

  • More debt will keep being compounded on top of old debt.
Technical debt is a horrible, soul-sucking payday loan which require more loans to pay off.