I'm Max Woolf, a software engineer from Birmingham, UK.

Currently I'm a Senior Developer at Substrakt Health specialising in back-end development and DevOps. We're a small team all over the UK that uses technology to transform how primary care organise and deliver care to patients in the National Health Service.

Previously I was a Senior Developer at Substrakt working for clients such as Directors UK, Ammba Digital and Royal Observatory Greenwich. Prior to that, I worked as a Ruby developer at Box UK on projects such as World Vision Micro and FleetSuite.

Before that I cut my teeth as a junior developer at Podnosh.

Most of my time is spent working in Ruby but I also have a keen interest in Swift and Javascript.
I love talking to junior developers about how they can establish careers for themselves.

I love writing clean, readable and maintainable code with an emphasis on thorough testing and I get over-excited at the prospect of trying out new tools and languages.

I also love baking and hanging out with my dog, Winston.

Some people have written nice things about me too:

"Highly skilled, friendly, super enthusiastic and up for any challenge. When Max starts his own company, I hope he gives me a call as I'd be honoured to work for him."

"Max is one of the best developers I've worked with. He's always open to new ideas, learns fast and has a great attitude. Max is a good teacher and always makes the effort to help out his team mates."

"While working with Max at Podnosh it would be hard to find fault. He never failed to deliver and often exceeded expectations."

"Max is a superstar."

I'm currently not available for freelance work. Sorry :(

You can contact me max [ hat ] woolf { dort } io